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Standard English Courses

I work with students of all ages and levels who want to learn to speak, read, and write in English. Beginners who are learning English for the first time, intermediates who wish to improve their current level of English fluency, advanced students who wish to perfect their spoken and written proficiency - I provide individualized lesson plans for each student depending on their age, level, and interests.


I supplement students' classroom learning by addressing any problems or gaps in their current level of English proficiency. Through encouragement and positive reinforcement, I help students identify their linguistic strengths and use them to correct their weaknesses. My students see a swift improvement in both their grades and their overall English fluency - and, most importantly, discover that learning English can be fun!

Subject-Based Courses

Highly recommended for intermediate to advanced students, my subject-based courses help students improve their English by using it to explore a specific academic discipline. Each course generally begins with a brief (15-20 minutes) review of a particular grammar topic, which is then incorporated into that day's lesson material. For example, students might begin by reviewing several English past tenses, and then use these tenses to discuss the lead-up to the American Revolution. These courses can be taught individually or in small groups (up to five). Sample subjects include American History & Politics, Mythology, Western Thought, and History of Paris; individualized courses can be developed in consultation with the student.

Bac Prep

I help students preparing for the Bac Anglais (written and oral) develop both strong English skills and effective test-taking strategies. Beginning with an assessment of each student's level of preparedness, I work to build confidence and correct problems through grammar revision, practice tests, and various Bac-oriented speaking and writing exercises.